About Us

If you have landed here at Celebrate Sobriety Gifts you are definitely a truth seeker. And we are glad you are here because we are seekers too. Ancient wisdom tells us that the mind of a human is like a monkey, swinging from branch to branch and thought to thought...never staying anywhere for long...and being especially attracted to shiny objects. Sound familiar? Sometimes we swing into situations that are scary... the branch breaks.... and we crash to the ground. 

Exciting? maybe. Chaotic...often! Sustainable?....Nope! We humans require peace and serenity...don't you think? This is especially true for those of us who have fallen into addictive behavior (alcohol, drugs and many many other things) to calm ourselves down and deal with life's big and small challenges. 

For this reason we have become Seekers. We have embarked upon a spiritual path. We have joined the recovery communities of AA and NA (and others), followed teachers, learned to meditate and so much more.

We at Monkey Mind Shop believe that this path can totally transform our life. It is our mission to encourage others to practice gratitude, acceptance, kindness, patience and forgiveness. And we do our best to practice these things every day. "Progress not perfection" as we say in the 12 Step Programs.

Our fabulous original tee shirts and other accessories are different because they are designed by someone who has spent a career creating beauty and style in fashion, interiors, retail spaces and graphic design. We hope you agree that they are extra specially classy and a cut above the average merchandise on the market. When buying a gift for another seeker....this is the place to shop.

Sending you all much love, light and gratitude.

Thank you for stopping by. It means so much to us.